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("Roof reptile")

Length: 9 meters Discovered in: North America
It lived: 140 MYA Date discovered: 1877 
Weight: 5000 kg Defense: Spikes on tail

Stegosaurus is a famous Jurassic herbivore which had large sharp spikes on its tail, which it may have swung around to inflict deep wounds on an attacking Allosaurus. The name roof reptile comes from its plates which were once thought to cover its back horizontally like armor, however recent studies show the plates were upright. They may have been used to warm it up in the morning if it was cold blooded, or perhaps it flushed the plates with blood so it stood out pink to intimidate predators.

Its plates were not attached to the back bone so it is unknown haw it was positioned. they may have been arranged in pairs, or in one straight row or in a zigzag pattern along its back. We just cant tell.

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