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(giant reptile from the south)

Length: 14 meters Discovered in: South America
It lived: 95 MYA Date discovered: ?
Weight:  8000 kg Favored prey: Large herbivores

A huge predator that which may have hunted one of the largest  Dinosaurs ever found, Argentinasaurus. So it probably suffered lots of nasty knocks during hunting. It was larger than T-rex but not as clever, (its brain was much smaller than T-rex's) and its bite was designed for slashing like a knife rather than pulling off chunks of flesh. As it has been found in large mass graves it is thought it hunted in packs, which would have helped it hunt the 30 meter long Sauropods, that lived in south America.

Giganotosaurus has taken T-rex's crown as the largest meat eating dinosaur it could run faster, had functioning arms and was longer. But T-rex beats it in a number of ways, T-rex was smarter (though not as smart as the smaller predators like Velociraptor,) and had a better bite.

Compared to its body Giganotosaurus' skull looks too big. It had thick leg bones which supported 8 tons of body weight.

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