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("Other Lizard")

Length: 12 meters Discovered in: North America
It lived: 130 MYA Date discovered: 1869
Weight: 4500 kg Favored prey: Large herbivores

The Lion of the Jurassic, Allosaurus would have been the top predator. The only thing Allosaurus feared was a larger Allosaurus. It could have brought down the famous Sauropods like Brachiosaurus, that browsed the plains, and attacked the famous stegosaur, Stegosaurus.

It had thick bones which made Allosaurus very tough.


One Allosaurus proves a predatory dinosaurs life was full of hard knocks. BIG AL was one of the worlds best preserved Allosaurs and it had hundreds of injuries from broken ribs to smashed arms. It seems this Dinosaur was either braver than most or just plain stupid. One of it most life  threatening injuries was a broken middle toe bone that became infected and so swollen that it was rubbing against the other two toes. This would have stopped it hunting, if at the same time a drought hit it would have been enough to kill Big Al, because it wouldn't have been able to travel long distances for food or water. So he would have eventually died of thirst.


Big Al from the BBC's 'The Ballad of Big Al'

Polar Allosaurs

Allosaurus was thought to become extinct until is fossils were discovered in Australia. The Allosaurs that were found lived 20 million years after they were thought to become extinct. These Southern Allosaurs became known as 'Polar Allosaurs'. 

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